Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The estimate is based on our visual inspection only, further damage &/or

extra parts/sublets maybe required upon dismantle. We will contact the 

Owner/Agent to obtain authorisation to proceed with the extra repairs either

verbally &/or in writing, when authorisationhas been received the Owner/Agent

agrees to pay the extra charges. The estimate is for impact damage only, it is an

extra expense to fix stone chips & extra dents/imperfections, please notify Admin

team if an extra quote is required.


Parts/Sublet &/or Materials prices are subject to suppliers invoice.


The Owner/Agent authorises Us upon booking in of the vehicle to order any

parts/sublets &/or materials necessary to carry out the said repairs(estimate).

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Smash Attack, the Owner/Agent must

pay the full cost of obtaining the goods.


During the repair process some or all of your data may be lost, please ensure that you have saved this data Prior to repairs. Eg:

> music stored in on-board media systems >GPS/ Map settings 

> files stored in on-board computers > Contacts/phone numbers

> driver pre-recorded settings for seats, mirrors, steering wheels etc


 Tow-Ins: the Estimate will be prepared as soon as possible, the Owner/Agent

has 2 business days after the Estimate has been received to notify Us to commence repairs or a pick up date for the vehicle,not more than 2 business days after notification has been received otherwise a storage fee of $20 per day (or part thereof) is applicable.


All goods accepted from the Owner/Agent are subject to the Disposal of Uncollected

Goods Act 1967. Under the Act, uncollected goods may be sold six months after the

date on which they were ready for collection.


Whilst all care is taken while your vehicle is with Us we will not be liable for replacing(but not limited to):

>Glass breakage (from removal/refit)        > Batteries that may lose charge

>Mechanical/Electrical faults >Consumables items eg: moulds/clips


We will contact you at Mid-Repair (when car goes from panel to paint) to inform you of

the estimated completion date,please note that delays can occur, we will contact you

as soon as possible to inform you (your patience is appreciated if this occurs).


All vehicles are locked up in the workshop every night (keys stored seperately).


Collection calls will generally be made by 3pm on the day due out, please contact Us

earlier if required.


All amounts Owing (inc any additional/excess amounts) are payable upon collection.

Note: 1% fee payable on all credit card transactions

Storage fee of $20 per day (or part thereof) is applicable to vehicles not collected within 48hrs of completion.

Any amounts payable not paid by the due date will incur interest on that amount at the

rate fixed under Section2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (VIC) & all costs

associated with collecting the debt.